Why are you here?

Many people are puzzled concerning their reason for being here. The confusion is like walking in a fog and many keep tripping, pushing and exerting their efforts in futility.

The truth is that only those that understand the reasons for being here makes use of that opportunity effectively. They have clear thought of the what they have arrived to do, while others are wallowing in the swirling pool of confusion.

The average person is always unprepared, undetermined, restricted by what they already know. Perhaps, given up based on the bashing of the rough world. He turns a loser, even unable to comprehend where he came from to that point.Like a powerful light can pierce through darkness, so is clear thinking able to dissect a daunting problem. Clear thinking is not exactly the solution to the problems seen or encountered but can be a powerful tool to recognize, analyze and set the brain in motion towards providing answers and help us to know the scope of work and time investment needed to overcome the challenges.

Why do most people panic or  denied a challenge  when confronted with one and later allow same to overflow their mental bank? Tradition?,believe system?past  experience? all may even come together to paralyze the individual into inaction when allowed.

Facing up to our challenges boldly makes us better solvers of our problems by minimizing the amount of scarce resources-time and energy needed to solve them drastically.

Let us begin today to face up to our challenges to decrease them to manageable sizes and use the time that would have been wasted to grow everything good that we want in our lives.

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