The Gap between us and our Vision(continuation)

Every child while growing up, quickly learnt something unconsciously: to please its parent or guardians ,why?. most adults from beginning of a relationship with their young ones transfers their unrealized hopes and dreams  especially when the reality hits them that they can no longer achieve some feats based on their oldness but still long for those accomplishments begin to see themselves through the lens of their offsprings and begin to cast them mentally and even physically to assume those characters  of in order to achieve the deeds they could not achieve but  still deem very important. The acceptance of the child to play that role increases as its simple mind sucks in ways to please his parent or guardian(s) who he see as hero(es) at that stage of his life. As the child grows from per-teen to complete teenager and increases interactions with other children, the media, through the school system, sports, peer group ,association and through live application of his nascent philosophy to solve issues become attracted to certain sports, certain way of life: develop likeness and great affinity for certain profession while believing less in others.

Let us assume that  the child mentioned above believed in the sports , profession or ways of life same as  parent(s) or the guardian(s) it leads to true success stories  because he will receive support and admiration from the guardian or the parent(s) and having a keen interest also in all he engages in , will follow through  with vigor relishing every moment to ensure he bring all assignments to closure in a excellent manners.

This is  quite different if opposite set of condition is true , where the child likes different sports, professions and way of life that is worthy of pursuit but become afraid to do so rather taking the side of the parent or the guardian just to please them.This is usually costly to the young adult who  will therefore consistently stretch to live a value  of another man to satisfy yet another man(guardian or parent.) yet not believing in those values

His vision will then the obscured by a fake vision which makes them to live to satisfy others but them self.

This scenario sets a stage for mediocrity ; fear of failure; not reaching the full potential something  about having poor qualifications; falling into a state of inaction even when they feel like removing the mask and returning to the real vision they believe in because they believe that the cost will be much and the resources to make the switch will be enormous.

A lot of entrepreneurs were in this category and are begging for help to get real as the cannot get past average in their chosen field there are a lot of real life reasons

to be continued…..

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