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Waited for So long, why wait more?


We were all born into life to run a race. At the point of birth, none was holding any resource in his hands. The waiting starts for some people early enough in their lives, they were not well nurtured after delivery because they were born to poverty and in the slum, there is no enough money to send them to crèche, kindergarten they waited to go as they noticed other children going , even crying and throwing tantrums but to no effect because the economy was bad and Dad has not enough money for school as such stage; they waited patiently  to  go to the best of schools while growing up but it did not happen, they wished that their birthdays were celebrated with pomp and splendour but it was hardly so. So many things happened along the way that eventually labelled them as dependent adults both emotionally, physically and intellectually, then they found out that they cannot get a great job, cannot afford to live in nice places, cannot afford the best means of transportation, lack in ability to communicate and effectively sell their ideas to the world, then, the blame game ensues. The blame game has been traded for centuries without having positive impact. Many individuals who are waiting for others to attain a certain height or approval to be recognized or think for them are called dependent individuals

So many people who are ill or have physical challenges depend on other people, tools both manual and computerized to achieve some physical goals like having computerized arms and legs for walking and carrying work of different purposes. Some depend on others to think out the solution of their problems and challenges for them

We should all recall as students, we were first dependent on our teachers for knowledge before we continued to mature and become interdependent intellectually

.The third form of dependence which is emotional dependence of grown individuals is the business of our day.

Children and wards can depend on their guardians and parents emotionally for the period of their development and gradually reduces their dependencies as they grow.

The reverse is the case for some people, who entirely and continuously depend on their parents, spouse or others emotionally and will do anything to get their attention and approval before they can make any decision in life.  The net effect is that many people with little exception think of themselves most of the time and are rarely interested in solving the next mans’problem of any kind. While we wait for such people who are usually in all places, to make us move forward, they give us the scum of their thinking time which may not be enough to pull us through the challenges we may be facing in the first instance

Those who depend on others to let them out of their manholes trials are usually afraid to take decision because most of them are unable to manage their emotion. They are not proactive and they don’t determine their own response to situations, therefore, they lack experience that comes from solving previous challenges and unable to regulate themselves and use their will power to determine their own answers which will eventually determine their outcomes in life

So many good comes from taking initiative. Let us look at some of them below:

First, it breaks you from the force of inertia keeping you from the condition you want to exit.  if a fat person buys a trainer and registers for gym, the first day may look like nothing and may even be discouraging but if he keeps going and training for the essential intervals day-to-day, something must unquestionably happen to his mass and energy which becomes encouraging and eventually inspiring and strengthening and if the same person endures  for a long time, he may become an instructor himself if he add the instructive qualification or can even be un official trainer to some other friend. All started by taking initiative and taking the first step.

Secondly, it aids you to make improved choices in the next undertaking you want to engage in It is easy, to know what does not work on the second voyage on the same route than in the first. If the same individual was trained to adopt a stratagems that will help him to avoid procrastination in the first instance by regularly working in the gym, the same individual will almost apply it to regularly going to the class and doing his coursework  on time while running educational program

Thirdly, it brings the individual self-confidence up.

Not waiting for anyone anymore improves the confidence of the individual taking the step because it move him up the lather to become emotionally independent and do what he feels right to do that is not against the regulation and it doesn’t have to be cool with all other people. This helps the individual to develop the can do spirit to getting things done without the fear of failure and even if they fail they can rebound quickly

The list of advantages goes on and on and the more we decide to wait we begin to reverse the whole lot.

The idea of waiting on someone before you do what is right for your self is self-defeating and should be substituted for taking initiatives and even if you fail, you can quickly learn from your failure and do it right the next time.