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Songs of the Birds

From the time of ol, skillfully for the world we’ve sang

Melodies wonderfully crafted from top of trees and roofs

Sweet songs heralding the coming of the spring

Commencing early we sing until we get to our roosts

We by no means permit dull moments in our worlds

Whether we are flying or perching on the walls


In all times we wear our protective beautiful feathers

Our plumes are the splendor to behold of colors

To save us from the changing devastation of weathers

We lay our eggs to preserve our heritage we favor

Our spawns then give forth their hatchlings in the nests

Gradually watching them generate their fine hair next


Eagles in our mist dutifully show the world they are supreme

Some of us contribute by pollinating and sucking the nectar

Of flowers and plants  ensuring the  preservation of human regime

Singing happily as we work all day to covers the lands in hectares

We travel long distances across the world over to show our guts

The foremost reason we sing all the time is  to praise our God

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