Stuck in a Rut? You can find your way out!

enrepreneurThe free dictionary explained the idiom (stuck) in a rut as been kept in an established way of living or working that never changes (as when the wheels of a buggy travel in the ruts worn into the ground by other buggies making it easiest to go exactly the way all the other buggies have gone before).

Sometimes, we find ourselves in ruts when life become boring and we begin to live in our comfort zones and our growth in almost every aspects of our lives become stunted or even non-existent.If you are already in a rut, there are certain measures to take to find your way out into growth again. The first thing to do is to :

Get out of your comfort zone

To be able to do this, you have to get somebody or something to push you out of your comfort zone. You can get a mentor who is already achieving the results you are desirous of and who is ready to push you past your limits. Getting out of your comfort zone will enable you to start trying   new unlimited things which seem to be beyond your influence and will begin to inspire you to take on previously looks   risky and daunting to you. The same effect can be realized by reading great books that will both inspire and nudge you in the right direction to achieving your desired goals and teach you to absolutely hold yourself responsible for executing the goals. The latter is harder and requires more maturity to achieve. Once you were able to get out of your comfort zone, the next step is to seek to:

Create consistent Results

If you eventually start getting results, work to establish them by ensuring you set an ever-increasing standard to meet and surpass your old records in an incremental basis. Also ensure you stay always with positive people to reinforce your status. And stay away from people who de-enervate you. Nothing drains our energy like using them to placate negative people who will definitely still choose to remain negative. Deliberately hanging around positive people reinforces our positive outlook as the saying goes that iron sharpens iron. As you grow you become even better by:

Increase your confidence through Learning

According to Wikipedia, Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences which may lead to a potential change in synthesizing information, depth of the knowledge, attitude or behavior relative to the type and range of experience.

Increase in the knowledge and skills makes leaders out of ordinary people.  Informed individuals move confidently to solve problems that will previously put them in the ruts and become inventors and innovators that the world will begin to look for and respect.

Those that are truly learning are also actionable and neither makes excuses nor procrastinate. Learning encourages us not to allow our past to hold us back or dictate our future endeavors

Through continuous and validated learning, you absorb some of the important entrepreneurial qualities to:

Stay on top of you game

To stay on top of your game as successful entrepreneur and not sink back to the rut involves maintaining healthy work style that enhances your focus which is deliberate elimination of distractions to achieve your set goals.

To maintain enduring success, you have to dedicate yourself to working continuously with good concentration for certain amount of time at a stretch each day.

Focus on one goal at a time and avoid the dangerous lure of multitasking, which makes one to direct their efforts simultaneously at various tasks at same time and all the efforts suffers as a result of dangling from one task to another .  Focusing on one task at a time improves productivity and concentration and ensures error free jobs, thereby, limit the time spent on corrections.

Do not spend all your time on social media as it robs us of time intended to be used for quality jobs. Always visit social media sites during your spare time when you must achieve all your set goals.

To remain productive especially on the present mobile era, also ensure that you  use your phones well as they constitute diversions and causes us to lose grip each time they ring. So place the phone on silence when you are doing important jobs and dedicate a block of time to call back the callers later. Also let yours fellow workers and friends who may want free chat to know your busy time to avoid distractions and give them time when you will be free to chat them up.