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Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved,

Love grows because it is part of us

Love is captured in our gestures to each otherheart-462873__340.jpg

I can use my bare hands to capture the pure

essence of loving you

Loving you is likely even when I play scrabbleslove-1285624__340.jpg

Or when unraveling  puzzles, your love i found

Even on the bare ground and the sand dunes

I will engrave my love for youlove-1271694__340.jpg

Just understand that it’s a pure current which

I can transmit from  here to meet you there on your

desk now

I love you

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action-2277292__340The online Cambridge dictionary defined collaboration as the situation where two or more people work together to achieve the same thing.

Collaboration can occur between people working  in  diverse areas  such  as  research projects,music production, film production and even start-up enterprises.

The reason for collaboration is to fast track the achievement of better  solutions  than ordinarily what one person can accomplish.

According to Bob Mudge, “Collaboration is no longer just a strategy: it is the key to long-term business success and competitiveness. Businesses that realize this sooner rather than later, will be the ones who win the game and succeed in the new global economy.” Many of us recognize intellectually that we need others’ knowledge to solve big problems, yet we still lack the motivation to collaborate.

According to Heidi and Herminia,”Collaboration is a way of working that attracts and involves people outside one’s formal control, organization, and expertise to accomplish common goals”.

Heidi and Herman believed that the two of the biggest barriers to collaboration are ignorance about others’ expertise and mistrust in their ability to meet required expectations.  They also believed that building good network can help solve both problems.

Many of today’s most important challenges are so complex and multifaceted that they can only be tackled by teams of experts from disparate domains. To solve them, professionals must be able to harness ideas, people, and resources from across disciplinary and organizational boundaries. Finding a first project to work on is the best way to start.





Heidi K. Gardner  and Herminia Ibarra

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Pink is a delicate color that signifies sweetness and pleasantness. It also denotes lively, attractive, dreamy, delightful femininity, and sensitivity. It also means unconditional love and nurturing.

Pink is often  associated with simple products that ladies use and appreciate such as bubble gum, flowers, babies, daughters ,etc.

In a broader sense, the color pink is accepted universally to denote love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

The color pink represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness.

Pink gemstones are believed by some people to bring about serenity, relaxation, acceptance, and contentment, as well to neutralize disorder or soften frustration.

Other meanings associated with the colon pink:

The expression, “in the pink” ,means healthy.

The slogan, “tickled pink”, denotes being blissful and contented.

The saying “pink collar” refers to a female office worker, often used in a derogatory fashion.

Most rooms for the girl-child is decorated in pink and most of the accessories procured for her are preferred in pink colors in fact pink is viewed as a symbol of femininity.


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How to deal with with distractions


Life is such that we strive from our early days to become  successful  and many of us have invested  thousands of hours  in to various work and talents to improve our lives and financial conditions. But the  Newtons third law  of motion which states  that “actions and reaction are equal and opposite” does not automatically apply to success as in physics. As we travel along  our life-cycle, it becomes clear that it is not all the quantity of  energy we invested actually resulted in increased profitability or productivity as some percentage of them  were  invested in things we did not plan or things that interrupted what we planned.

Definition of Distraction

The Oxford dictionary defined distraction as a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else.

Causes of distractions

Lack of discipline

Disciplined  culture is great tool to fight distraction. Ensuring that we are disciplined to start and finish our work go a long way to reduce distractions and enables us to follow through on  rules we set to achieve our desired goals . Lack of discipline on the other hand makes us veer  off the tangent  and leads to incomplete or poorly finished works that will ultimately reduce our productivity.

Lack of Planning and prioritization

An African proverb states that , “ you should  look for your  missing  black goat in the daylight or it will be too late in the night when the color of the goat will blend with the color of the  night “

Lack of planning and prioritization makes us to start working on our low valued goals first instead of concentrating on our most valuable goals that will make most impact on our  bottom lines .

Learning to perform  the more arduous tasks first,  ensures that  we have maximum return on our energy and frees up time for less important tasks later, therefore ,minimizing the distraction that would have stoppedthe important tasks in the first place.planning



The surroundings or conditions in which a person, lives or operates can be a source of distraction.

Those that work in crowded areas need to increase their concentration and focus to avoid distractions more than those that work in closed offices. It is therefore, very important to work in environment that will enhance  our productivity or develop ourselves to be able to tune out the distractions where we have little or no choice  in order to maintain our level of productivity


When we have exhausted our energy but could not have proper rest and sleep before engaging on new projects, we are bound to be distracted as we will be weary and wishing  for sleep or rest.

Consequently, for us to perform well, we have to observe proper rest and sleep to be alert and maintain focus and so overcome distractions.

Life style

Those who are extroverted are more prone to be distracted that introverts. The extrovert finds it difficult to maintain focus for longer period of time than introverts who loves routine work and can enjoy working on a project for longer period of time

Mobile phone

Mobile phone makes it easy to reach out to people and people to reach us anywhere and anytime. This property makes it a tool for distraction as we keep getting e- mails, text messages calls at time we scheduled for other busy tasks. To minimize the distraction, it is advised to switch off the mobile device or put them in silence when doing busy work.

Social media

The total amount of time we spend on social media is on increase and could serve as distractions.

To avoid such distraction, one should set time probably at the end of the day to check on friends and chat with them