Time Changes Traditions


We were all born to a set of history and traditions

that had taken scores of years for  transcriptions

Our fore-runners did all they could as patricians

to keep the traditions and heritage with previsions


But time changes and impairs the old  traditions

as evidenced by our modern constant contradictions

Optionally, we discovered we possess  desires to do things differently

Yet, we feared to be discerned acting flippantly


We, eventually, take the imperative baby steps to Change

Climaxing in sighs of relief in exchange

We, finally, acknowledge it’s our turn to re-construct

our ageing traditions or allow them self-destruct


Whatever we have today as our modern traditions

Will be judged by alike by the coming generations

They will choose to adopt, cherish ,deploy  and enjoy

or tomorrow  question , exterminate, uproot  and destroy




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