Winningsetbacks was born out of our zeal to enlighten, inspire our audience through motivational pieces, articles and learning through sharing experiences; then developing best personal and team  practices to char a map for winning . The website is determined to create, nurture and promote entrepreneurial courses. We are constantly seeking new ways to mitigate or change the course of setbacks experienced by our audience in the past and developing entrepreneurs with the mental strength to combat and overcome the various roadblocks still to be encountered ahead of the journey to realizing their dreams. Such problems includes failed attempts, betrayals,failed business and personal relationships, death of loved ones and of course re-creating enduring values and principled based characters that that are so depleted in our today’s personality ethics tendencies of fix it now, which has no long term benefits we truly seek .We also encourage and support disruptive innovation to always surmount today economic situations that plague our collective inertia through resting of our oars

We seek to learn,share and grow entrepreneurs.