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Staging a comeback after a defeat by circumstances around you


We’ve  all once had that ‘bulb ‘flicked on’ in our brains and that bright ideas become real.  In those moments , our enthusiasm hit the sky and we had the right amount of the  activation energy to start something new and brilliant  such as  startups ,blogging, writing  a  new  book  or  starting our dream project.  We became enthusiastic and gave our very best and soon were congratulated by those around us and have our dopamine levels increase to bring that satisfaction we crave  for our new accomplishments.

What we were never prepared for is that the other circumstances around us will fight for the imbalance our new pursuits had created to get our attention back; it could be our family members or spouse, friends or our paid job, our finances and income, our social commitments. They will hit with such desperate urgency to bring back our devotion which is no longer riveted on them. At first many of us will neglect these undercurrents and disturbances and carry on with our new pursuits, often juggling a lot of things at the same time and very soon, we  start noticing disruptions in our routines , stress on our bodies and diminishing interests in things in general because of unresolved issues that were e created . This will gradually increase our stress levels and we begin to see our interest on the new purists plummet also . These kind of scenarios could even make some believe that the new ventures are  not worth it and eventually return to mediocrity which in the first instance was  their  main goal to exit.

I was  recently inundated  by waves of other commitments and it was not very pleasant moments  and  I went through so many tough times that threatened to make me forgo blogging but deep inside my mind I  knew that if I summon the courage I could get over these and come back to my blogging.  I decided to be bold, re-negotiate my commitments to these circumstances and thankfully I have started blogging again

Now I am stronger having emerged from many circumstances that would have turned me into a pulp years back and looked at things that happened as  learning opportunities for improvements.

In an event of a  setback, we should  endeavor to  always think of the reasons  our dreams are important to us  in the first place and  allow that reason to fuel our motivation and inspiration to fight for  them.

Any time we stage a comeback after a major setback. we should ensure we also start balancing acts for all those challenges we re absorb such as our cherished relationships, our jobs etc  and set fresh boundaries and new commitment levels that will enhance our interactions  with them. We should also bring to a closure those distinctive things we no longer required to do in order   to  create more time for us to focus on what is important to us now.

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Aspiration for Success and Apprehension of failure

sucess.jpgOnce a baby is delivered, the game begins : the nurturing to triumph over the complexity of infancy ,then followed by the teaching, couching and learning as  young grown-up transforms from dependent to independent individual.

From crèche to nursery and to grades/primary schools through university, children are totally   dependent or semi dependent adults to their parents and guardians until certain acceptable age in the society they live. Some communities or countries put their official adult age to eighteen ,nineteen or even twenty-one  years of age when individuals  are officially confirmed as adults.failure

Adults are granted certain privileges they were not given earlier than that  such ability to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and drive cars and even have sex as adults. Most also coincide with when the young adults can fend for themselves or move way from parents to live alone except in case of physical disabilities.

At the point these young adults officially begin to face life to make their own contributions, the tools most of them have about cold fact of life is that there is only one way to go: to make success and most of the stories they were told  from toddlers to  their young adults  years  both at home and in the school collaborate their world view :success and success and success and never process . If you ask any of them what will happen if they fail to achieve that aspiration, well, I don’t want you to see the fear that will appear on their face, all I know is that you will  give them nightmare for the wrong reasons.

In most societies, failures should never be discussed either in the family, school, with friends or any other place. In fact, there is a name given by various societies to those who have produced undesirable results in course of their lives such as losers, never do well and so on.

The reason is not farfetched from the way the media give the final great  results of discoveries and invention  as almost a single event .(never asked  scientists how many times they produced undesirable results in their experiments or how the opposite  undesirable results in their laboratories  accounted for  completely new substances that go on to solves many societal problems),

If someone is lucky (get the right results sought) he/she becomes successful and finally reveal the final result to the public and media , often hiding many embarrassing moments before the final result was correct. Nobody is encouraged to try the other failed attempts to know if there is something that can come out from them.

Here lies the trouble, the same successful people are still living in fear and can then do anything to sustain their  successes  at all cost because they are aware of   the truth about life that every success is a probability  and the society  will find it very hard to believe that same persons  can still fail again and again. Sometimes when a person  who have been wildly successful at one venture is hired as an  expert in another venture, fails to replicate the success again.

This scenario is playing itself out as we observe today that by disrupting innovation, some technologies are being rendered obsolete within weeks, months and years after they debut unlike before now. Today we are watch in horror as the jobs disappear in the markets as thousands of food chains and banking, air lines jobs are being replaced by robotics and therefore, will leave many well-educated and trained employees in those fields  become  unemployed  daily due to layoffs without any knowledge of what to do .

Therefore, change in ways we learn is paramount as we should start telling and teaching ourselves and especially our young ones that failure is a probability and a possibility as well as success. We should educate them to be confident and have courage to investigate what is termed failure because there are countless ways it could have gone and each a possibility could unlock something deep and special ,therefore, can unleash their entrepreneurial potentials to climb to new heights.

If we study  failures and  develop the ability to unravel them, we will  became like great scientists and inventors like Thomas Edison and  Nikola Tesla who will always go back and find why they failed and return to  repeat the same experiment over and over  varying  some conditions and holding others constant until they were  able to produce something new , original and tangible . This can happen both in creation or production of goods, new management styles, leadership to marketing and even online businesses.

Even when we eventually become successful in the short term, we should always return to give our strength to new discoveries like good musicians who are on top of the chart and know that new songs can be released at any moment that may knock out their music from the top of the chart. So they still spent their time wisely writing and composing more songs to launch them back to the top each they slip from the top of the chart. Continue reading “Aspiration for Success and Apprehension of failure”